Bearded Theory

25th - 28th may 2023

100% refund if event is canceled


Hire a portable charger and swap once a day for a full one.

4 days


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£10 deposit, refunded on charger return

Book your charger

  • Select your charging option

    1. Select

    Select your charging option and hit buy. All major cards accepted.

  • Collect your charger

    2. Collect

    Drop by our festival stands to collect your wristband or charger.

  • Keep your devices fully charged

    3. Charge

    Keep your devices fully charged, all weekend long.

Your power. Your way.

More than just phone charging.

"Nah I'm on 10%, I'll be ok." Famous last words. - Keep track of your mates, share your experiences on Instagram and never miss a memory. Keep your phone topped up.

We connect our customers with the festival experience. Sharing and capturing moments, connecting with new and old friends and sinking into once-in-a-liftetime moments. Without a flat battery stopping the party. #chargecandy

Mate, what phone you got?

iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Nokia 3310, whatever. We can charge your phone. Drop by our charging stations throughout festival arenas and campsites. We can even charge cameras and other devices too. Sound good?

Our guarantee

Our 100%, no-messing, money-back guarantee. If you can’t make it to your festival, we guarantee to refund full payment. Just let us know 24 hours before the festival starts.

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