10 years, 140 Festivals.
Over 500,000 charges.

Festivals never sleep. There’s no place like them. The electric buzz as you wait for the gates, the anticipation of the main arena, hearing the bass drums in the distance. A unique space, for unique people.

We’ve been providing phone charging at festivals across Europe since 2009. We’ve been at the heart of festival arenas and campsites For the past 10 years, connecting our customers to their own unique festival experiences.

Stay in touch with your mates. Keep your insta feed full to the brim with FOMO-inducing photos. Stay ready to record that face-melting guitar solo, that guy with the dodgy wellies or the singy bit in Times Like These. Once-in-a-lifetime moments, memories that’ll last forever. There’ll never be another time like right now. We’re here to keep you connected.

Charge Candy was created in 2009 by Neil Mackay and Richard Starrett, two university graduates with a combined passion for festivals and business. Having introduced their drop-off charging service to the festival world ten years ago, Charge Candy has grown into the biggest festival charging service in Europe.

Across each festival site, our vibrant, energetic team make charging phones smooth and easy at both campsite and arena locations. Our service is focussed on on-site kiosks, where you can collect our Charge Candy portable chargers the latest addition to our charging options.

Your power. Your way.

More than just phone charging.

"Nah I'm on 10%, I'll be ok." Famous last words. - Keep track of your mates, share your experiences on Instagram and never miss a memory. Keep your phone topped up.

One service, two charging options. Leave your phone with us in our secure areas, or take away a portable charger for power on the go. Your power, your way.

We connect our customers with the festival experience. Sharing and capturing moments, connecting with new and old friends and sinking into once-in-a-liftetime moments. Without a flat battery stopping the party. #chargecandy